My name is Cameron Webb.

Analyst / Strategist / Client Empathist / Futurist / Creativist / Collaboratist

I am a Creative Strategist; a blend of management consultant and creative originator.

For years I have worked with well-known global companies across a number of sectors, deriving unique insights upon which to build effective (and award-winning) brand and marketing activities.

Ultimately, helping businesses of all sizes express their value creatively and impactfully through their brand.

I do three things :

Develop strategically useful insights

By going deep and wide, fully understanding your context, we arrive at the most revealing and useful insights.
Analysis. Data. Trends. Primary and Secondary research. Interviews. Mapping. Hypothesis.

Turn insights into great ideas

You need fresh ideas to help realise objectives. Past solutions include, pop-up experiences, blacklight futurism, electric street racing, SMART thought Leadership campaigns, provocative installations, Loch Ness monster hunting, painting of thames clipper fleets, and swapping the Economist for The Beano. Discover a sample of projects I’ve been involved in here.

Keep it commercial

Everything a business does should contribute to strengthening its commercial position and moving audiences down the funnel. Each opportunity and activity, a chance to stand out. To say and do something different – something valued: I help prep the big pitches. Create compelling proposals. Develop the chemistry. Demonstrate an empathy. Broaden perspectives. I help set the stage, brief the players, and close the deal.

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