It all started when…


Since 2011, Infinite Global has supported Appleby through media relations as well as the media outreach for the firm’s annual Offshore-i report. While the report was a high-quality insight into the world of offshore transactions, it was not getting to traction it deserved. Appleby wanted to position the report in front of different regions and industries, while making the dense issues within the report more accessible. Although Appleby were initially unaware of our brand and design capabilities, once our team had listened to their issues and introduced them to our approach over a coffee, Appleby were keen to see what we could do.


We saw that Appleby needed to professionalise their product, as well as broaden and amplify the marketing of the report. Our solution was to invigorate the whole report, by creating promotional materials that could be used across Appleby’s online platforms; which included infographics, audio and video podcasts and a film of the firm’s leader.


The impact of the report has been significant. Not only has the project been positively received both internally and externally, the concrete metrics also demonstrate a substantial increase in social media and website engagement. In terms of media placements, the new report saw a substantial increase in media coverage, especially across jurisdiction-specific and industry publications.